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The first programmable quantumcomputer shown
Amsterdam - Researchers of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the American state Colorado have demonstrated the first programmable quantumcomputer.

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Quantum diagram


A breakthrough in researching quantumcomputers
Amsterdam - Researchers of the University of Manchester and Edinburgh say to have reached a breakthrough in the research of making a super fast computer. Due to moleculair technology the scientists are one step nearer to the first quantumcomputer.

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Microsoft and the TU Delft in the Netherlands work on a computer


Delft - De American Software giant Microsoft is prepaired to put one million euro into a research of the TU Delft on a so called quantumcomputers.

TU Delft
The last signature of the deal is send by mail, so said by the Spinozapricewinner Leo Kouwenhoven of the University and research leader, after a report in the "Volkskrant" newspaper.

Quantumcomputers are much more powerful then digital computers, because they can execute a lot of calculations at the same time. Last year mister Kouwenhoven was approached by Microsoft in response to several articles. In the deal is also financer of physics FOM involved. FOM will give another one million euro.

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