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We know that it is frustrating when your computer is not working, and we also know how much difficult it can be to put your computer in your car and drive to the local repair shop. Because of this, we offer a complete home call-out service with the same standards as our business computer support services. Whether you have a single computer, or a home network, we can help you out.

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XP Logic

The Netherlands

No Problem Too Big or Too Small
Most computer systems are a jumble of hardware add-ons and software plug-ins. Try to call a manufacturer, and it's always somebody else's problem. At XP Logic, we have 22 years experience diagnosing and fixing glitches large and small. Don't waste another minute. Call us. If repair work needs to be carried out in our XP Logic workshop, we collect and return the computer to you free of charge within the The Hague area. We can arrange specialist visits during office hours, after hours (we have an early evening call-out for customers who are at work in the daytime till ten) and on Saturday mornings.